About Chuck


Writing Chuck's World, a weekly semi-syndicated newspaper column in western Washington state, since 2001, Chuck Sigars is currently 60 and holding (until July. At least). The author of four books, if you count creatively, Chuck has also been blogging for the past 15 years, which allows him to use bad words.

Beginning as an actor, with a short stint doing standup comedy in LA in the late 1970s, Chuck reprised his acting chops in 2015’s Winning Dad, directed by Arthur Allen

He’s been married since 1983 to Julie Kae Sigars, a well-known soprano and instructor in the Seattle area for over 35 years, currently a professor at Seattle Pacific University and an associate pastor at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Renton.

He has two children, Beth (1984) and John (1990), along with a grandson who sort of draws his attention from time to time.