With Friends Like These

This sort of brought a smile to my face. My face didn’t really recognize the expression. Been a rough weekend.

Not that I was blocking Nazi-lovin’ high school buddies. Those people have long since left my vision, some of them dumped in a big group when I just got tired of the bullshit, most of them secreted away to the cornfield. I just generally block most feeds, since I love dogs and cats but really, a couple of cute pictures a few times a week will do just fine. Not hating on the pets here, or the personal expressions of grief and loss, or the birthdays, or anything else vaguely social. I just have my fourscore and 10 here, is all.

Column done. Off to a wedding across the Sound, which might make my face do that smiling thing, too. The more the merrier, etc.

Chuck SigarsComment