Moore Music

We went to the Moore Theater downtown to see Max Richter with superb support from Caleb Burhans, a sorta-friend based on his friendship with my daughter and her family. His daughter has been summer companion to my grandson a few years.

It’s the second time we’ve seen him in Seattle, always a pleasure. My daughter’s friends from her high school and college days include a physician and an ARNP (and superstar rock climber), a big-time Boeing guy, a political operative, a kindergarten teacher, and any number of spectacular musicians. We are quasi-parents in this situation, plenty of pride but also a fair amount of distance. We are supporters of the arts, and particularly the personal arts.


We parked in Fremont and bussed it downtown, piece of cake, having a nice Thai Fusion meal in the process. I’m still a dilettante when it comes to classical music, but I can B.S. my way through a conversation and I know the critics and composers. New music is shattering norms and I’m awfully glad to listen to it do so.

I mentioned that my September improvement goal was to drink half-a-gallon of water, deliberately, every day. It wouldn’t hurt and might surprise me.

Minimal surprise, then. It messed with the scale some, carrying extra pounds of water, and really I just eliminated other liquid (in the summer it’s typical for me to drink at least a quart of iced tea; my tea days have gone away for the time being), so I think it’s a wash. I might have had a bit more energy. I probably won’t stop.

As for the fretting about weight, I’ve decided to forget it. Keep an eye on it, of course, but forget it. I did some research yesterday, trying to nail down whether this was a healthy trend or not, and everything seems fine. I shouldn’t lost any more weight, but I’m in a sweet spot as far as numbers. Keep it there and no worries.

Get even a curable cancer, with chemo and radiation, and that’s when it gets iffy. Lots of things to think about. I can’t eat ice cream and pizza every day. Time to learn to cook better.

Caleb ran into a fan at the bus stop, fun conversation.

Caleb ran into a fan at the bus stop, fun conversation.

And listen to good music. Can’t beat a night like that.

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