What Did I Know, What Do I


Over a decade ago, I was inspired by some scientist with a blog. I have no idea who he was or what exactly he did for a living, but he enjoyed using his work principles at home. He’d conduct tests of trivial things, chart the results, and assess the outcome. Like, how many hours before bedtime should he eat for a better sleep? Like that.

So I picked up on that, and lots of big changes happened as a result, but I still like to play around with it. When September rolled around, I decided the only thing I could figure was to maybe be more consistent with exercise (daily, but not excessive) and drink more water.

I don’t think I need to drink more water. I know this 8-glasses-per-day crap is just that, nonsense. I’m perfectly hydrated as far as I’m concerned.

BUT…I remember a few years back, trying to drink more water for some reason, and I ended up feeling great. That’s a distinct memory, and so I thought it couldn’t hurt.

It hasn’t. Hasn’t done much of anything, though, which sort of confirms my feeling. I noticed I cut way back on drinking iced tea. I think it may have calmed down my GI system, which honestly felt pretty calm anyway. Drinking more water supposedly helps with constipation, which is also not an issue.

But maybe I’ll do it for a month just to see. Sometimes I feel better. It could be working. Drink up.


I posted the above picture the other day, having spotted it on Jenna Fischer’s Instagram. I follow her for some unknown reason, other than she seems like a normal person who was in a huge TV show once and now continues to work, but mostly seems like an ordinary person, a mom, a citizen. I enjoy the normalcy of celebrity in this.

And I made a comment about how if you don’t like The Office, I probably don’t know you, which of course was an exaggeration. We all have our shows. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never seen a single episode of Law & Order. That’s kind of weird.

Yesterday I noticed that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was renewed for a 14th season, making it one of the longest-running television shows in history.


I’ve heard of it. I know Danny Devito is involved in some way, and I know nothing else. Nothing. It may be set in Philly but I don’t know. It sounds like a comedy but I don’t know. I assume it’s funny but I don’t know, and that feels just bizarre to me.

But, sigh. That’s the way of the world. I wonder a lot about all of this. Guess it’s not a big deal. I just worry about losing my place.

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