Time For A Break


Snow still covers my yard, but I can now make out little critter tracks and stalks pushing out, not growing as much as straightening up. I should straighten up now.

It’s a slow melt, and my garage and basement have remained dry. I believe I’ve shoveled all the snow I shall for the rest of the winter, although that’s statistical analysis only. And mostly just hope.

My wife and son have gained weight, they claim, although neither is venturing near the scale. I sort of understand this and sort of bristle. But not my circus, not my clowns.

Me, I step on the scale every morning and I’m heading up, too. I’m 10 pounds heavier than I was on January 1st (although, to be fair, only 6 pounds heavier than I was on January 2nd). See, to someone like me, I know exactly what’s going on. I get twinges like anyone else when I see those numbers heading up, being well indoctrinated in this culture and having something of a history, but it’s good, or at least it’s not a bad thing.

I just know it’s not actually real. Or, I guess, it won’t last unless I stick with what I’m doing, which is sitting on my butt looking at the drifts of snow outside and eating ice cream and donuts. That’s not sustainable, if for no other reason than I’ll get bored soon enough. And I’m not really overeating, except for some days when I move just a little less. I’m eating a pretty normal amount of food, if the nutrition is questionable; it’s just consistent eating. If I can hang around here, I’ll be happy. I’m just skeptical.

Aside from the vegetative states we’ve all been in, though, it’d be nice if we got some benefit from these past couple of weeks other than pretty pictures and sore knees. My wife got some unexpected days off, which may see her through (although the make-up work might offset that) the year. My son was actually the one of us who left the house pretty much every day, and tried to stay as social as possible, all things considered.

My inclination was to curl up in my recliner and take long naps. I’m not so inclined anymore, but I’m not sure what comes next. I just can’t sleep anymore. I got an interesting idea last night; it needs exploring. It’s 40 degrees outside and the kids are in school, meaning I need to hit the road and try my luck at negotiating the neighborhood, stretch my legs and see if they still work.

And hope, I guess, that my Northern Exposure metaphor is useful, if not literally true. I need the ice to break now. It’s just that I’m probably going to have to be the one to break it.

Chuck SigarsComment