There are a couple of decent snowstorms headed our way here, already shaping up to be historic. So I might be absent from this space for a few days, depending.


Ha. Just making a joke. What else would I do? Unless we lose power, which is possible but less likely this time of year (trees have been stripped already), and would be pretty horrible considering it's cold and we've got electric heat, I'll be trying to stay sane by whining and/or being amazeballs at a little snow. Maybe I'll just livepost for a few days.

More than a little, though. This is what's so interesting. It's possible it could essentially start snowing tomorrow afternoon and not stop until Wednesday sometime. This would be a pretty normal, or at least not surprising, event for certain parts of this continent in the winter.

This is just snow. And it'll stop snowing eventually, and warm back up, and melt that ice and then it'll be spring. This isn't a hurricane. This is a snowmagadden, maybe, although I'll have to wait on the numbers.

It's just that we had a major snow event on Super Bowl Sunday. You may have noticed me posting about it. Started in the afternoon, nice and pretty, got a few inches, went to bed. Woke up to 8 inches; downtown had much less, a few outlying areas got closer to a foot. It was major. I think our school district opened today for the first time since last Friday. It's just too hard with the hills and the ice for school buses. These kids are going to be in class until July.

So a more powerful storm starts rolling down from Canada tomorrow morning, bringing more cold air and moisture and just--I have to do this--a perfect storm. If snow is what you want.

And then Tuesday it looks like another...this is the situation, the real problem. The back-to-back snowstorms, dumping a lot of snow, doubling amounts. I could have a couple of feet in my front yard in a few days. The outlook stays cold.

Or, to put it another way: Since my wife is a university professor, there will be no classes to teach, full stop. It could still be snowing Sunday morning with over a foot of snow, so church may be canceled and even if not, I doubt it's worth the risk for her to drive there. She has an appointment tomorrow that she wants to keep, and once she comes back home it's possible she won't leave the house for a week. Really possible.

I've already got cabin fever, after being stuck inside with this stupid cold and then a few days of being frozen solid. Today I have no car so I may make several trips to the grocery store on foot through the slush. Frozen pizza time. Ice cream. Milk. We just made a Costco run so I've got a deep freeze with frozen food. None of this will be an emergency, I think, not for us. Nowhere to go, nowhere to even try to go.

It'll also be interesting if this is a big bust, if somehow certain variables change slightly, but I doubt it. I think we're in for a freeze. I'll post photos, in case some of you have never seen snow, it's cool, no problem.

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