Seasonal Transition Syndrome


The weather is a little impish right now, motivated by God knows what. We were barely above freezing for weeks, it seemed, and now it’s hitting 60 and soon 70 degrees, which feels very much like a prank.

It’s just spring, and up here that’s sort of saying the same thing. It’s the contrast. The last snow straggler has barely shuffled off and we’re wearing shorts? This is wrong.

And I don’t know what to wear. Winter was helpful; I just layered up and was generally pretty comfy. My son gave me this terrific winter coat for Christmas, very warm and loaded with huge pockets. Lots of them. I’m still finding pockets.

That’s what’s driving most of this, in fact. I miss that big coat of many pockets. For one thing, I could shove layers into those pockets, scarves and gloves, along with rolled up shopping bags, mail, an iPad, and a fully grown cat (if necessary).

And even though I’m a Person Who’s Always Cold, who is perfectly comfortable in a room that’s pushing 90 degrees, I have limits. And I’ve got nothing to wear, but then that’s my problem and not yours. The weather’s beautiful right now. I just don’t trust it. Not my first spring up here.

I suspect that everyone’s spring is like this, though. Kurt Vonnegut used to talk about adding a couple of seasons, Locking and Unlocking. March would fall into the Unlocking category.

That’s all it is. It’s a transition that doesn’t fit neatly anywhere. It’s the Hamlet of meteorological moments, indecisive and vacillating between wonderful weather and really stupid stuff, like frost on the windshield and black ice on the driveway. Our days are already outrageously long and I hear that’s not going to change for a while. Spring is a season off its meds, and then just for fun we add Daylight Saving Time into the mix in case anyone is still sane after being snowed in for most of a month.

We’re due for a nice week ahead, at any rate, which is nice for a bunch of college students in this area, as it’s spring break. For me, I’ve got chores and duties and other fun things to do, and I’ll appreciate the sun and warmth, but I know. I’m not putting my gloves away until June, and then not far away, not this year. I’ve got pockets and pockets.

Chuck SigarsComment