Dem Bones

I’m heading out for a quick trip to Texas to help my daughter with a project (she’s also a client, which is fun, because I get paid in cash and grandson). I mentioned the Beauty and the Beast satirical song I did at our Easter Vigil, trying to bring some life (pardon) into the dry (ditto) metaphor of the breath of God breathing life into dusty skeletons and thus restoring the people of Israel to their birthright, etc. It’s actually a fun piece to read aloud, not that dry, like a good Greek myth. And it was fun to sing the song.

Something was going on with the sound system, which gave us a big thump at routine intervals, screwing up a lot of the recording. The mid-part got very distorted, so this is a sample in case you were interested. You’ll notice the cut, probably, but it was really only a verse (although my favorite). And you can tell when I lose my place a couple of times in the music.

Talk to you from Texas. If I can get unhugged for a moment.