Assumptions Of Intimacy And Our Fun Sunday

Liz and I were joking yesterday at dinner about our respective families, and how much we knew about the other. As Julie and I were talking about this on the way downtown yesterday, to pick up Liz and her mom at their hotel for dinner, I mentioned that I needed to ask Liz what her daughter was up to lately, and it made me laugh a little.

I’ve never met Liz’s daughter. Or her son or husband, or brother, or anyone else I’ve come to know after this strange, fun relationship over the years and across the ocean. I’ve become pen-pals with various readers over time, as well as other bloggers and just folks I’ve gotten to know a little, although the list of those who are more than casual is small and select.

I’m glad to meet most people, most of the time. I’d always take the time for a cup of coffee with a virtual friend in person, everything being equal. It doesn’t happen very often, and it’s not necessary, although it adds an obvious dimension.

I’ve now met Liz (and her mom) twice, remarkable considering we live 5000 miles apart. I’ll take that as a sign, although why wouldn’t we? We’re nice people, close enough in age that there’s not really a divide, similar in vital statistics (married forever, adult children, our primary investments being our families and relationships), and with enough in common that we can have a decent conversation over dinner, easy.

It was a nice night and a spectacular day for a change, as we move from typical June clouds and cool temps to more of a summer feeling as this week progresses. We decided at the last minute to suggest eating at Ray’s Boathouse, which is a Seattle landmark and where, for some reason, we’d never had dinner.

So we swung by their hotel, swooped them up and headed to the waterfront, beating the Sunday night rush (there was one) and having a table by the window, watching kayaks on the Sound as we worked our way through a wonderful meal. I gagged a little at the prices, just embarrassed that I’d suggest eating at a place where they have no problem charging $60 for a steak (probably a fantastic steak), but it all worked out. And we got a picture.

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